University of Notre Dame, RISD, or UC Berkeley for undergraduate?


Got accepted for the B.Arch program for both ND and RISD. Sustainable Environmental Design major for Cal, will probably transfer to BA architecture.

Right now leaning towards big universities, as they offer opportunities for me to take classes outside of my major. Will minor in Real Estate at ND. Will try applying for Simultaneous Degrees on business at Cal. 

RISD ranks well on DI, but will its program be too experimental and artsy? ND's approach seems pretty traditional...the only architecture program that still puts much weight on hand drawing. Cal is a really top and well-known school, but its architecture...not much to talk about haha. Plan to go to graduate school though.

Apr 22, 21 11:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Cool story bro, but what exactly are you looking for here?

Apr 22, 21 11:48 pm  · 

Ah sorry i didn't write clearly! looking for comments for these programs...and probably suggestions for college selection:)

Apr 23, 21 6:26 am  · 

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