Applying to RIBA II Program w/o RIBA I

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I'm interested in applying to grad school for architecture in Britain. I don't have an architecture undergrad degree. I'm currently in my Junior year at a university in the states. Is this okay? In the end, I'm planning on getting a PhD and becoming an academic, so licensing isn't necessarily an issue. Thanks!

Apr 21, 21 4:52 pm

Not really sure how far you are going to get if you don't have a BA or BSc in Architecture.....

Apr 28, 21 10:58 am  · 

UK is different that the US - Unis do not admit students into `MArch part II programs without an architectural degree - it does not have to be a Part I.  Most international students who study are Part II's do not have a Part I but all have an architectural (sometimes Interior design) undergrad degree.  Programme validation documents across all RIBA programs require this.

You could get into a 1 year Masters in Architecture degree (non-professional) or MA Architectural History and then do a PhD. 

There are many academics in the UK that do not have architectural qualifications. I know a handful that teach design.  

Apr 28, 21 2:18 pm  · 

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