SCI-Arc Waitlist and CCA (B.Arch)


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Recently I decided to transfer from interior design to architecture, since that's what I really want to do in the future. For now I am accepted by CCA (California College of the Arts), waitlisted by SCI-Arc and waiting for RISD(not giving that much hope). 

I want to go to SCI-Arc very badly because I really fit their style, but I failed to demonstrate that in my portfolio well enough since I decided to transfer on a whim. They did not notify me by email about placing me on waitlist, and it is said on their website that both transfer and waitlist decisions will be released in May, so I'm still hoping to do something to show them my interest. 

For now I am writing a letter of interest to SCI-Arc, about how specifically SCI-Arc influenced my design thinking and inspired some of my projects (I listened to their podcast The Arc and one of the episode inspired me to do two major projects in my portfolio), and what additional efforts I had done after the application like taking online courses and making friends with graduate students from top schools (who also inspired me to do another project). I'm planning to send them the letter and my newer portfolio next week. 

But I also have prepared my mind if I don't get the spot and go to CCA. Anyone has any knowledge about the B.Arch at this school? I do want to go to a top grad school though, like GSAAP or even Cornell, so I'm hoping that not getting into the ideal undergraduate school won't be too much a problem for getting into a decent grad school. 

Any thoughts on the SCI-Arc letter and my problem about grad school? ;)

Apr 17, 21 11:23 am

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