London School of Architecture (LSA) MArch Part 2


Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on London School of Architecture (LSA), quite a new school opened in 2015. It seems to have great reputation and with its practice-integrated programme for the first year of MArch, students from there usually have a good career prospect...

My first choice is RCA, however I am on their waitlist - if anyone has any thoughts that would be great as I personally don't have friends or anyone close graduated from LSA/RCA. Thanks so much!

Apr 16, 21 6:13 pm

I know people who studied there and I have mixed feelings about it. I don't think they have a particularly high reputation for teaching. I also recently read they got a new Director, which when happens can bring instability for a while (like with Eva Franch at the AA). When it comes to networking I guess most London schools share the same benefits, so LSA is not unique in my opinion. I am personally against part-time schooling or placement during the MArch because you are paying to buy time and be in school, so why waste it on another entry level work year? A lot of people are attracted to the 6k fee, but the school is a very new initiative and certainly can't provide the same structure and quality educational experience as RCA or UCL. If you have the opportunity to do a full time masters at RCA or Bartlett definitely go there and the time you spend at school would be to your benefit in the long term. 

Apr 17, 21 5:49 am  · 

Thank you for your input! I am also a little bit hesitant about part-time schooling with placement. Is it possible to know more about what the previous students think about LSA?

Apr 21, 21 8:43 am  · 

Unfortunately, I don't have contact with them any more; they just show up in my LinkedIn feed.

I would suggest that you reach out to current students, alumni and faculty via LinkedIn, schedule online sessions with them and see what they have to say. 

Don't be shy in doing this, it's what I did when I was applying to grad school and got answers to all my questions. Since then other people have also reached out to me and I answered their questions in return. 

In this case you could say that in light of the Covid crisis it's not possible for you to attend an open day, so you would appreciate their opinion over the school. Also, read anything that has been posted online about the school and review their publications to assess the quality of student projects. Finally, look up what kind of practices the alumni work at.

In short, do your own thorough research before you commit to any school.

Apr 21, 21 6:00 pm  · 

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