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I am currently pursuing my Master's degree. I'd like to apply to Bartlett, but I'm not sure about my portfolio. If someone could give me some advice or feedback, that would be great.

Apr 16, 21 2:13 pm

I've just skimmed through your portfolio quickly. I think you have great and interesting projects and the representation is good. One thing to always look out for is redundancy. For your first project you had like 3 renders; that's way too many. A section should be able to represent the programmatic, circulatory, spatial, experiential qualities of the building in a single medium. That's why sections are great. Always question the relevance of each drawing/render.

I noticed you separate your projects with a render. This can be really confusing if you also end previous projects with a render. It would be great if you could just add a title on the render to mark the start of another project. Always make it clear when transitioning to another project.

Also, do emphasize more on the initial design process. Things like massing models/precedent studies show your ability to identify design problems and show your creative process. Grad schools are really interested in your design process.

When I reworked my portfolio, I browsed the portfolios of the students who got into the schools I wanted to get into. I think this helps a lot.

Hope this helps and all the best in your application.

Apr 18, 21 10:32 pm  · 

Edit: Sorry, in the first part of my comment, I meant to write that you have too many "section renders and drawings"​ instead of render.

Apr 19, 21 11:26 am  · 

Thank you so much for your feedback; it was extremely helpful, and I will do my best to modify it. Thank you once more.

Apr 19, 21 11:34 am  · 
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I would most definitely change the font.... don't use times new roman 

Apr 19, 21 1:44 am  · 

What do you recommend to use?

Apr 19, 21 11:36 am  · 

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