Undergrad: UCLA vs Northeastern vs SciArc


I'm trying to decide between these three schools for undergrad. I'm fairly new to the architecture field, but have a lot of experience in general art and design.

My top right now is UCLA, because I like the general campus and culture (plus it's close to home). But I'm nervous about applying to their program, since I'm fairly inexperienced. 

My main concern is getting into grad school, as regardless I hope to get my M.arch. Which do you think would put me in the best spot?

Apr 14, 21 12:00 pm


Apr 14, 21 1:04 pm  · 

If you can swing in state for UCLA that is the clear choice. Amazing program, and will prepare you for any masters degree school you want to go to. 

Apr 14, 21 1:48 pm  · 
1  · 

Yeah, I was accepted in-state. This has been my thought process as well.

Apr 14, 21 4:02 pm  · 

I'm in their AUD undergrad program and it's alright. I've been told we have zero 24/7 studio access @ Perloff but I have been on campus at all. Hope to see you in the fall!

Apr 29, 21 10:02 am  · 
w. architect

I did not realize that UCLA was offering undergrad in Arch., when I attended it was just Grad. degrees.

Apr 29, 21 11:42 am  · 

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