M.arch1 UCLA vs PENN ? Which is better for career track change?


I see a lot of friends struggling between these two, and I know several old threads that had compared them thoroughly from many aspects.

Yet I still wonder if things have changed these years. I know that mayne have retired from UCLA, and that is not the only big name they lost After As for penn, it seemed that they expand a lot without equivalent improvement on faculty and facilities, and winka maybe failed to bring in some big name nor fix the too no-linear style of the school?

The other question is who provide better resources for career change?The contrast between Penn's skyhigh cost (260k) and limited average graduate salary (56k) triggered my thought on it. 

Penn have a strong Wharton, but it seemed untouchable from Penndesign, the robotics track seemed not competent enough (Penn engineering 18th). I don't know much about UCLA , but they do have a strong entertainment industry background. Is the barrier too high? The fact that UCLA's 1 year arch-entertainment program aren't very popular may indicate something about it?

Thanks for your time!

From an indecisive trans-field applicant.

Apr 13, 21 10:53 am

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