When is part time illegal, usually?


I am working for an architecture firm as a full time professional, soon to be licensed. But as you all know the salary in this industry is disappointing. I need to make my ends meet and would like to work part time for another architecture studio - much smaller and mostly focused on visualization... When do you think this becomes conflict of interest?

Apr 10, 21 7:10 pm
atelier nobody

It's a conflict of interest if the two firms are in direct competition. If they don't compete directly (e.g. small firm only takes projects below a certain size and larger firm only takes projects above it, or one firm is specialized in a particular type of work), then no issue. If the 2 firms can be expected to be competing for the same types of projects in the same geographical area, then no bueno.

Apr 10, 21 7:44 pm  · 
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​I had a deal worked out with my firm where I could take on single family home side projects because the firm didn't do that type of work. That ended up being more work than it was worth and I gave that up after a couple of projects.

Apr 10, 21 8:49 pm  · 
atelier nobody

bowling_ball - Yeah, I had this fantasy of doing enough side work to eventually quit the day job, but I just don't have the energy. My "firm", atelier nobody, does about one side job every year or two, and my highest-grossing year I made about $10K. Maybe it'll keep me busyish in retirement...

Apr 10, 21 9:27 pm  · 

It's a good point you make. There's a lot of unpaid over time in this field, side job might be a tough thing to handle. Will consider that too..

Apr 11, 21 2:24 pm  · 

If the salary is disappointing in this industry, why are you trying to earn 1.5 disappointing salaries? If it's truly a paycheck to paycheck existence with a license, I would look to other sectors of construction/real estate/FM for better pay or at least a better firm. Or change careers, learn to code and design your rich colleagues homes! 

Apr 10, 21 9:58 pm  · 
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I know, right? Haha..

Apr 11, 21 2:23 pm  · 

You can also try doing freelance work like in fivver or other related sites. A lot of people are doing it nowadays, you might be able to make more salary out of it than doing part time work for another architecture firm.

Apr 11, 21 10:53 pm  · 

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