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Hi I recently applied to the AA for my master's degree in architecture. I sent my application a day late however I received confirmation it was received. A couple of weeks ago I received an email that there was a lot of candidates and them confirming they will review my application and to please not email them and that they will be in touch. They state that they usually take 6-8 weeks to reply however it's going to be 10 weeks since I applied and I still have not heard back. I currently have to accept other offers that will soon expire. Should I email the school and ask for an update on my application? 

Apr 8, 21 11:27 am

Ofcourse. If you have to make a decision, do it. Make it seem urgent. Add imp in subject, so they dont think about ignoring your email. 

For them, it makes most sense if people don't send emails, but for you, you need answer especially because they are late 

Apr 8, 21 10:07 pm  · 

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