RISD vs Pratt for undergrad- pls help!


Hello, I am a senior in high school and I'm currently facing a tough decision. I got accepted into both RISD and Pratt for B.arch, and I was wondering which institution to choose. They both gave me similar aid, with RISD being about 5k cheaper per year. I feel like I would enjoy Brooklyn more, but being right next to Brown sounds amazing. Which school is better for student life, job opportunities, applying to grad schools, etc.? I've seen so many ppl knowledgeable in architecture here, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

Apr 8, 21 12:05 pm

risd, hands down. providence is a great town to be a student in, and if you're keen on brooklyn, many risd grads end up in nyc. if it's cheaper, which by estimates it sounds like you'll save at least 20k, then it's not even a choice in my mind: better school for better price.

Apr 8, 21 12:29 pm  · 
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don't forget that as an architecture student, you will have little time to explore the city, and providence provides plenty of entertainment that you can fit into your busy schedule. it's small, but it's a college town and a fun place to be. not to mention the cost of living is significantly lower than brooklyn- you'll be adding tens of thousands of dollars in savings on top of the cheaper tuition.

Apr 8, 21 12:40 pm  · 

Thanks so much for the advice! I was wondering, did you attend either of these schools for architecture? If so, what are you thoughts about the program, reputation, and/or job search?

Apr 8, 21 2:15 pm  · 

risd. search the forums for other posts on risd, there is a lot of content re: this question.

Apr 8, 21 2:34 pm  · 

RISD, no contest. And when you figure out that architecture is not for you there are a bazillion other more interesting and fun things to do there. 

Apr 8, 21 3:15 pm  · 
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