Architectural Association(AA) or Boston Architectural College (BAC)


Hi, I am an international student, and I have been accepted to the AA - SED Programme for fall 2021 and for BAC's M.Arch Program for fall 2021 as well. I am very confused with both the choices and trying to figure out the best choice.

The AA offers excellent education and exposure that is by far anything that I can imagine. However, I will be studying there with a student loan, so my concerns are whether after graduation I would land a good job and be able to pay the loan or not with a 2year work permit. Also, is it worth spending so much money after it that the education and exposure received there outweighs the cost of it in the long haul?

The BAC on the other hand offers me to work in a different country altogether and be able to work full time and earn a master's degree as well. However, I have my concerns with the quality of education offered there but the practical exposure is immense. Also, by working I will be able to pay out the loan with a lot more ease and earlier as well. 

I wish to someday start my own studio in India and I want to choose a path that carves me into an independent, confident architect whose designs are sensitive to the context and the environment. 

I would really appreciate an objective outlook to both the choices. Thank you so much for your time.  

Apr 6, 21 5:42 pm

Is this a joke? 

Apr 17, 21 4:21 pm  · 
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May 8, 21 5:18 pm  · 
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John Stevens

AA reached its pinnacle around early 90s, since then it went in the downward spiral. The school turned into a little playground for O level failures, rich Hispanics and Asians. I’d choose BAC, if you consider getting a professional degree or studying at grad school later in your career. 

May 26, 21 4:48 am  · 

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