How did you know academia was right for you?


I’m curious to know what are the defining moments or reasons that propelled you into a pathway towards PhD and perhaps, subsequently tenure track and lifelong pursuits in academia?

I’ve been accepted to a PhD program - after a decade of working in research from start ups, large global organizations, to universities. With all this experience, I feel like I should know by now but I don’t - and how could you know without going for it? What was it that prompted you to dive in?

Apr 6, 21 12:51 pm

conversely, i thought a career in professional architecture was for me- turns out it's not (at least long term). the tough thing about higher ed is alot of the choices are based on assumptions and require the actual experience to know whether or not it's right. at best, you can make an informed decision and go with your gut, but you won't know until you get there.

specifically about the PHD, it is a major investment in time- one that will probably be fantastic while pursuing the degree, with the uncertainty coming after graduation (getting published, finding a full time job, the increasing bureaucratization of academia, etc etc). of course, every career choice will come with the doubts and negatives; it's just a matter of finding the one that has the least amount of them.

Apr 6, 21 1:55 pm  · 
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