M.arch decision


There's 4 schools I'm trying to decide between that I would start my M.Arch in the fall of 2021, all 2 year programs.

RISD is currently my top choice. I was offered some funding and an assistantship.

SAIC and IIT also offered me funding and would cost relatively the same as RISD.

KU would be the least expensive option, but I'm not sure I have any interest to be in Lawrence or KC.

Putting money aside, which might be the best program? I think I would fit in well at a more art oriented school, but career and connection wise does one stand out? Would there be advantages to going to RISD over KU? I feel like IIT might be the better choice of the two schools in Chicago, at least in reputation? I think at some point I want to be working in New York, but I do like Chicago. 

I come from a lower ranked state school in the mid-west and am very happy that I have some good options. It would be great just to get some opinions from outside of my bubble.

Apr 5, 21 5:18 pm

Obviously I don't know your individual situation. But graduate school is a business decision, so definitely don't put "money aside" unless you can afford all of them.

Apr 5, 21 5:22 pm  · 
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