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Hi everyone... I am asking this question for people who are familiar with the different styles of Architecture schools in Europe. I know it might be a bit too late now to apply for some of these programs for 2021 entrance but here it goes...

I have been researching online a lot lately for European architecture schools taught in English (with the exception of UK; I know that there are some amazing schools there, but given the tuition fees for EU students I chose to look elsewhere).. 

I was particularly interested in Italian schools, primarily because I love Italian culture, but then I have heard some negative rumours about Italian schools in general (teachers cancelling classes or being late, not enough practical work etc) and besides I couldn’t find any Architecture programs taught in English there... I looked at the Venice and the Rome (Sapienza) universities and they are taught in Italian only. Turin and Milan, does anyone have any feedback on these?

Anyhow I have started looking at Mendrisio USI given its proximity to Italian borders/Lake Como and I was wondering what the general feedback for this school is.. I am not particularly fond of Le Corbusier and I can see that some of this school’s professors have worked with him in the past and they have similar styles. I am more interested in enhanced creativity, hand drawing and digitalization. 

Just some feedback or suggestions from you guys would help me a lot..

Apr 5, 21 11:16 am

you will not find any architecture program in italy taught in english.

Also, all italian undergrad programs have a heavy conservation and restoration component, almost as important to them as studio.

Apr 5, 21 12:01 pm  · 

I’ve come across very competent people that studied in Milan, Turin or Venice, but they were all Italian...and taught a class to Torino PhD students from all over the world, level of the students was so-so, the teachers were brilliant on the other not very helpful here, scusa...

Apr 5, 21 2:44 pm  · 

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