Did COVID-19 had any effects on 2021 Master(MSc) intake?


Normally at this time of the year there should be a cavalcade of rejection feedbacks, especially from european top schools known for harsh rejections,  (AA, UCL, TU Delft...) but apparently this year there seem to be much less rejection feedback threads popping up on Archinect.

Have grad schools saw less applicants due to COVID? Or the opposite, as many fresh graduates flocked to grad schools following job market freeze?

I do not have any clear answer nor data to it, so it is simply a speculation. Anyone know what happened to this year's prospect MSc/MArch population?

Apr 2, 21 1:04 pm

Its more likely that the current situation with the pandemic has driven up the number of applicants. Most graduate schools have dropped standardized testing requirements such as the GRE. Coupled with the job market freeze, more people are applying for graduate school.

The acceptance rates for the top schools have definitely dropped for the 2021 admission cycle.

^ There's a 42% increase in the number of applicants for Harvard College this year compared to last year. 

And according to a Chinese news agency, the increase in graduate applicants are significantly higher:

  • Harvard - 57% increase
  • MIT - 62% increase
  • Yale - 38% increase
  • Columbia - 49% increase
Apr 2, 21 1:52 pm  · 
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I think it balances out. Students applying are higher, more competition and universities have increased seats to make up for their loss for last year. 

After all, it's all about money 

Apr 3, 21 9:03 am  · 

I attended the Yale Open House this past Thursday, and the dean mentioned that the 2021 cycle was the most competitive they have seen in many years. She also mentioned that applicants were also competing against deferrals from 2020, although there is no deferral policy for Yale, they still allowed some deferral only for this year. 

Apr 3, 21 10:07 am  · 

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