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I was just accepted into an architecture grad program (3-year non-arch background) for the Fall of 2021. My undergrad was a 5-year program in Construction Management. 

I never got any feedback on the portfolio I submitted to get accepted so now I'm curious. I didn't even know what a portfolio was 6 months ago so I'm happy with what I slapped together. 

Any review/feedback is welcome : ) 

Mar 29, 21 5:10 pm
Non Sequitur

This might be the first folio where I like the photography section.

Mar 29, 21 5:56 pm  · 
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Which uni did you get accepted to??

Mar 30, 21 2:32 am  · 

Congrats on your acceptance! I really liked this portfolio.  It is about the work and not about flashy graphics or trying too hard with the layout. The work shines and your interest and ambition is clear.  The photography you included is all visually interesting and vibrant.  Great job!

Mar 30, 21 9:52 am  · 
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I've been out of school for almost 20 years now.  This portfolio brought me back.  I find it to be a breath of fresh air, as it more closely resembles what I put together so long ago.  No esoteric diagrams or nuanced archi-speak--just clean images and line drawings. While I can appreciate the beautiful renderings that many students develop, your clear formatting and use of real-world images is really nice.  As stated above, it seems to speak to your passions and skills.  Nice job.

Mar 30, 21 10:15 am  · 
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Hi, great portfolio, which uni did you get accepted to?

Oct 25, 21 1:42 pm  · 

I would say that the quality of this portfolio is in that what it lacks, which is to say it lacks what it should for someone going into an architecture program for the first time. You show good potential for someone going into this sort of program, and I'm sure you're going to well. I think what is left to be desired could by summed up as writing. A lot of 3year program people come from very thought oriented backgrounds. Not to crap on your writing, but written expression of thought is not what got you in, and would have been a hinderance at some schools for sure. 

Thanks for sharing!

Oct 25, 21 3:56 pm  · 

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