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Does anyone know how/if GSAPP is restructuring the New York/Paris program for next year? The website says that this past fall has been deferred to spring, and what would've been this spring in Paris has been deferred to next year. Would this impact admissions for the this upcoming fall? 

Also, would appreciate any insights from anyone who's completed the program recently as most of the threads on here are a few years old.  Thanks!

Mar 18, 21 5:46 pm

I am wondering the same thing. I want to apply for Spring 2022. I emailed them and this is the response I got. 

The program should go in sequence this year, with fall immediately followed by the spring term.

Still a little confused but I asked when the application will open for Spring 2022 and am waiting for a response. Pretty confused with the info on their site. Happy to stay in touch especially if you are thinking about applying for the Spring! 

May 1, 21 9:47 pm  · 

hi, I am admitted by this program for 23 fall. I an wondering how likely will this program help us to get admitted by gsapp level graduate school next year.

Feb 4, 23 11:48 am  · 

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