AA (Diploma Riba part2)/ Bartlett(1yr) / Edinburgh (Riba part2)


Hi Everyone,

I am an international student. I completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh.  I am currently making the decision between AA/Bartlett/Edinburgh ( Bartlett offer is not riba part2). I probably do not consider UCL cuz it is not part2 programme. I really want to stay in the UK for my future architecture profession so Riba is really important for me. I know AA has a good architecture school in architecture industry, but Edinburgh is a much bigger scale university and has a worldwide reputation. 

May I ask for some suggestions from you. I really want to know more about the career perspective and real status about these school/ Unis as I couldn't find any promising ranking online about AA. 

# if anyone wants to gain some interview experience from AA, please feel free to leave ur questions under this forum. ( I know some common questions and directions the professors/ tutors really expect to know from you).

Thanks in advanced! All the Best.

Mar 15, 21 1:07 am

If you really want to stay in the UK for your future architecture profession you should definitely do a Part 2 programme. I would suggest AA since the ARCHITECTURAL resources and connections are a lot more than Uni of Edinburgh. And London has a lot more opportunities (for lectures, exhibitions etc).

Mar 15, 21 7:56 pm  · 
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thank you

Mar 20, 21 5:03 pm  · 

Hi! I'm an international applicant (from the U.S.) and have yet to hear back from UCL Bartlett and AA. Do you know if all potential candidates undergo an interview process, and also, when did you hear back from them? I already got in to several of my U.S. schools so if I don't hear back soon I may have to take these two schools out of the running.

Mar 17, 21 10:10 pm  · 


Mar 20, 21 4:58 pm  · 

yea applicants who meet both academic requirement and portfolio standard will be asked for an interview

Mar 20, 21 4:59 pm  · 

this yr is extremely tough I personally think, tons of applicants from worldwide apply some competitive programme in Bartlett and AA( riba programme or AA DRL, Bartlett March. I got interview notification after I submit my portfolio for about 6wks

Mar 20, 21 5:01 pm  · 

Hi YHL66,

Congrats on getting the offers!!! I am an international applicant to AA school. Would you mind to share you interview experiences with AA? Anything that they expected from the candidate? Thanks!

Apr 22, 21 10:46 pm  · 

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