M.Arch Admissions Prerequisites Question. Physics, Mathematics, History of Architecture.


Where is a good place to take these courses before the start of Fall 2021?

- Physics (college level)

- Mathematics (college level)

- History of Architecture (college level)

For the circumstances, I suppose via virtual course, these days? Any recommendation (schools, institution) would be helpful. As long as I can complete these courses before the start of Fall 2021.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 9, 21 6:49 pm

Straighterline offers physics and math courses online. Depending on the school, their approved course providers might differ. I guess history of architecture also depends on the school. What school are you going to attend?

Mar 9, 21 10:00 pm  · 

Thank you for your reply. I am considering UCLA and USC at the moment. Would UCLA and USC accept courses from Straighterline? And would you know a place to take the History of Architecture? Please advise. Thanks in advance!

Mar 10, 21 1:57 am  · 

Unfortunately I don't know what course providers those schools would accept. You might want to look at their website and contact the admissions office to find out more.

Mar 10, 21 1:15 pm  · 
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You should check community colleges, not sure how that works with the new virtual life we live, but in the past this would be the obvious approach.

Local schools will probably have some ways to verify what classes count for other classes, I did something like this ten years ago when going into undergrad and it was extremely clear what credits could count for what. Do the homework. If in doubt, ask the schools you're applying to. 

Mar 10, 21 1:30 pm  · 
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Thanks for the reply. I understand but I was asking if any of you knew a place that offers those courses, especially Survey History of Architecture. Which is hard to find. Thanks.

Mar 10, 21 2:32 pm  · 

Unless someone recently went though the program and did the same thing they won't know. And then you would still need to confirm. Things don't automatically translate, the school has to accept them. You should ask the schools you're applying to.

Mar 10, 21 2:47 pm  · 

Thanks for the reply. I already know what you saying. It's just that I have posted here if anyone knows and went through something similar that I was asking. If you don't know, that's ok. All good. Thanks.

Mar 10, 21 5:40 pm  · 

LA Harbor College offers a one semester Architectural History course. It's in two parts, they can be taken simultaneously.  Arc 132 and Arc 133. Search here: https://mycollege-guest.laccd....  (select architecture as subject and 'credit' under course career)

But it started over a month ago and I don't think they'll offer it again over the summer. It is however online only (no live interaction) - and the tutors might just let you in late.

Glendale Community college offer a physics course that UCLA have agreed would meet their physics pre-requisite:

I haven't looked into Math because I already have that from college.

Good luck!

Mar 17, 21 3:38 pm  · 


I will be attending the UCLA M Arch program this fall and have the same question for the architecture history course. I have contacted a few schools and was told that they do not offer survey courses over the summer term, only offered in the Fall and Spring terms. I was wondering if you have found any good courses?  

Thank you!

Apr 17, 21 1:59 pm  · 

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