M-arch 2 at Clemson or Illinois Institute of Technology


Recently gotten into both, IIT will cost me around 70,000 a year while Clemson offers me in-state tuition which will cost me 16,000 but I do not want to live in the south.  I prefer the IIT work too but I would be so much in debt. What are your opinions of the school or thoughts on what I should do? lowkey struggling now with this decision.

Mar 6, 21 7:32 pm
your conscience

input = don't want to live in the south

output = don't go to clemson

Mar 6, 21 10:16 pm  · 
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There is much to be said in favor of attending college somewhere near where you are interested in living and working after graduation.  Chicago is very a much a hub of the architecture industry in a way that no place in the south can match.  Also, the quality of the work people get to do in Chicago is overall probably higher than projects in the south.

Mar 8, 21 10:42 am  · 

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