Has anyone heard back from the Bartlett, UCL?


Hello all,

I sent out my application to the Bartlett MArch programme in January and have also sent in my portfolio upon receiving the request. However, I have not heard back since, and it has been around a month. Should I be worried? Has anyone actually heard back?

Mar 6, 21 6:11 am

I got a rejection notification about 3 weeks after submitting. Did you check your portal?

Mar 6, 21 12:24 pm  · 

Did you receive email as well?

Mar 31, 21 7:59 am  · 

Has anyone heard back yet?

I've been waiting for a decision for over 3 months now. UCL got a large number of application this years which's slowing the whole process down, but waiting 3 months for an application decision is just too much.

I already have other offers to respond to, but he UCL is my first choice and that's why I applied there early to get an early decision, but still nothing. It's very frustrating at this point. I have obviously contacted them and they just apologize and said they hope to have an answer "as so as they can". I'm considering just accepting my other offer and forget about the UCL, which is a shame, but I can't risk losing other offers just because I'm waiting for UCL to release decisions.

Mar 31, 21 3:32 am  · 

Yes, I was offered a place. However, I remember that during my interview I was told that it may take anywhere from weeks to months to hear back...

Mar 31, 21 6:09 am  · 

I was offered a place as well, got the official offer only a couple of days ago (applied late November and had the interview mid-February)- for the M.Arch Design for Performance and interaction program.

Mar 31, 21 7:19 am  · 
Edna Blimey

I got an interview request from UCL last week. If the people
above don’t mind, would you please advise me on what kind of questions I will probably be expecting?

Mar 31, 21 9:27 am  · 

Is it for the MArch Architecture (Part 2) programme?

Mar 31, 21 9:39 am  · 
Edna Blimey

Yes it’s for the MArch Architecture (part 2)

Mar 31, 21 9:50 am  · 

The interview might possibly be different for everyone, but I was asked to present the work in my portfolio for a few minutes during the beginning of the interview and then asked questions related to the work in there. I think the interview will vary depending on who the interviewer is...Good luck!

Apr 1, 21 5:25 am  · 
1  · 
Edna Blimey


Apr 4, 21 12:08 pm  · 

I applied in March to MArch Architectural Design and haven't heard back from them...only that the received an even greater number of applications to study with us than anticipated, and it is taking us longer to review them all.

Jun 28, 21 12:30 am  · 

If any of you received the good news, welcome to join our GroupMe chat

Other applicants can also join but can only stay until school starts

Good luck to you all!

Jun 30, 21 1:41 pm  · 

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