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Hey everyone. Hope it’s going well  

I needed some advice on deciding which college to pick. A little background, I’m a 21 year old Indian student, and it is going to be my first time entering the US. That makes it a little hard to get to know these colleges from a first hand perspective and is the reason I am enquiring on this forum. I just got into Pratt, IIT and Syracuse for M. Arch this fall, all with advanced standing. So far Pratt and IIT have offered me $50000 and $30000 scholarships respectively, Syracuse is yet to inform me. I wanna know what the general consensus is regarding these colleges and their credibility, what the prospective is for employment after graduation, IIT and Syracuse look more promising in terms of employability, although that is because I haven’t been able to find much information online for Pratt, I’d reckon Pratt would be more connected since it’s in NYC though? 

I’d really appreciate it if the kind folks on here would help me give me some insights. 

Thank you! Have a good day. 

Mar 5, 21 10:39 pm

Hey ! I am a former Pratt M . Arch grad who actually went to Syracuse before transferring out and I have friends who graduated from Syracuse so I have pretty decent knowledge of both. 

It highly depends on what type of education you are seeking since all 3 of those schools have very different styles of education ( and I am sure they are still holding that theory to this day ). 

Pratt is very technology heavy and the M Arch program is very much like Sci Arc but more realistic and toned down . It is extremely well connected with the profession since its in NYC and a lot of professors from Columbia / Cooper / Parsons / CCNY all teach with in the system . Also its very focused on fabrication / 3D printing so if you are into that its your school ( I was hence I switched from Syracuse )

Syracuse is amazing school too with amazing teachers but it's extremely theory heavy along with very heavy focused on construction ( I believe it's always ranked high in construction ) and through out the year there are various exhibitions which you can take part in which ends up focusing on building a pavilion or something small scale . Again since it's in NYC and the Dean of Syracuse does have a lot of pull it has recently gotten more diverse group of teachers. One thing to remember Syracuse is in a very not so metropolitan area and it's extremely cold weather . You are pretty much snowed in from October till early March so keep that in mind unlike metropolitan NYC which doesn't get that much snow at all . 

I dont know much about IIT but I do know its heavy focused in theory too. 

They all have good employability, I did graduate with a job right away and have been employed through the pandemic. However just cause you going these schools doesn't mean you just get out and get employed. You have to put in the work and effort in your portfolio but you do get decent connections .

Pratt Alum Class of 2016 

Mar 7, 21 6:11 pm  · 

I had a friend who went to IIT undergrad. From what I know, the school B.Arch program is strong and well known, especially in the mid-west. Also heard that the school has a pretty good connection with SOM and a bunch of visiting professors are working there. I dont know much about the M.Arch program tho. 

Mar 12, 21 7:37 pm  · 

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