Berkeley, RISD, or SCI-Arc for M.Arch I?


Hi everyone,

I got accepted to Berkeley, RISD, and SCI-Arc for M.Arch I, all with similar amounts of scholarship, but I have a hard time deciding where to go. I came from a studio art background and am interested in learning sustainable design. Can someone please give me some insights into these 3 programs? 

Mar 2, 21 11:17 am

Without doubt UC Berkeley. RISD is not too bad, but I think UC Berkeley has better name. The specific courses in school does not matter much. The name of school and your portfolio matters way more. The programs are similar since it is M. Arch 1. Studio classes with structure, construction, history, yada yada for accreditation.  Sci-arc is for people that want to live on Mars.

Mar 2, 21 12:46 pm  · 
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Thank you!

Mar 2, 21 1:22 pm  · 

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