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This is super last minute because my applications (to mostly pre/non-professional architecture undergrads) are due in the beginning of March but I wanted to see if anyone has an explanation for the literal mechanics of how you make an online portfolio. If I don't find anything new out I'm just going to try and see what I can do using google slides or something but I'd greatly appreciate any advice on an intuitive/free site to be able to build a portfolio online. 

Thank you for any help!!

Feb 20, 21 1:23 am

You can use whatever program you want, it’s about communicating ideas and show what you have can use Adobe programs for that, illustrator and indesign but if you don’t have access to those, use whatever you have, can be done in PowerPoint or even Excel it really doesn’t matter. Actually the cell structure of Excel can come in handy to build a good looking page, it has already a grid structure.

Feb 20, 21 2:42 am  · 

InDesign is recommended 

You can get by with a free version of Gimp. Watch a few YouTube vids and it will walk you through it 

good luck kid 

Feb 20, 21 7:08 pm  · 

OLA got a good suggestion. InDesign or if you can't afford it, you could use Scribus. You can use GIMP but I would use it as a free alternative to Photoshop but Scribus and perhaps some others are good alternatives that might not cost as much. I heard of Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer which you might be able to do what you want and export out as a PDF and only cost like $25 for each of them at this time. I have used Scribus in the past and its free. 

Affinity isn't too bad from what I can tell and you can get the version you want for Windows or MacOS and would not be stuck with a monthy subscription of like $20 or so a month.

Feb 22, 21 1:21 am  · 

If you have individual pages as PDF files you can use Adobe Acrobat and the combine files option (on my version it looks like a little green plus sign) select portfolio and then add the pages in, arrange them in order and it combines the files into a single portfolio PDF. The benefit with this approach is if you have many more pages than you can submit you can easily customize each portfolio to the specific application.

Hope this helps

Over and OUT

Peter N

Feb 22, 21 9:01 am  · 

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