Good schools for a masters degree in Landscape Architecture ?



I'm an architect from Brazil and I'm currently applying for a Master's degree overseas. I most probably want to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture because I love designing public spaces. However, I do consider studying other concentration areas, as some institutions don't offer LA programs but seem very enriching places even so. 

It is the first time I send applications for institutions overseas, and I am a bit lost about where to apply, and how many applications it is safe to send (I mean, I would like to have at least one offer).

So far, I applied to 5 places:

- TU Delft (Landscape Architecture)

- University of Copenhagen (Landscape Architecture)

- Columbia GSAPP (Master in Urban Planning though)

- Paris La Villette (Master in Architecture)

- École Nationale du Paysage Versailles-Marseille (Landscape Architecture)

Is 5 applications is a safe amount?

Do you think of other interesting Landscape Architecture programs?

I'm considering Bartlett's MLA, but I keep wondering if it's already a bit too late to apply (applications go from November to May). 

Thank you all in advance, 


Jan 31, 21 3:56 pm

You're really applying to a broad spectrum of programs, considering the M.Arch and the Planning. If LA is your goal, I'd say send apps out to more programs, like Penn State, LSU, Cornell and UVa. There's also Harvard. Even within MLA programmes, each school's objectives can be incredibly different so be deliberate.

As an LA student, I can say this forum is probably not going to be very helpful for LA questions. From what I've seen over the years of reading is it's mostly architects, an allied profession. It is a great source of knowledge, but probably not the right pool of information.

The Landscape Architecture reddit is more representative and responsive to these types of questions.

Feb 11, 21 10:56 pm  · 

I’d encourage you to choose a school in a climate and city that interests you.  To be students tend to put too much emphasis on the program and never really consider the context.  Imo the context will teach you as much about LA as the program.  

Feb 12, 21 12:00 am  · 

Studying in a city like Los Angeles, or a Desert environment like Tucson, or an old city with a complicated history like New Orleans, will certainly provide very different learning focuses and experience

1  · 

Location! Location! Location!


Totally agree. A lot of the landscapes around me designed by groovy out-of-town firms and published in Metropolis magazine are mostly dead plants after a few years.  The modest guy that went to a nearby public university and the elderly guy that draws by hand really do the best work around here.


Agree, study landscape where you want to live/work later. Knowledge of Dutch polders has no use in Los Angeles and I guess also not in Brazil.

Feb 12, 21 5:44 am  · 

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