UCLA Architecture and Urban Design - M.Arch First Professional Degree


Please help. 

I applied to UCLA AUD for M.Arch for Fall 2021. Submitted all required documents 01/29/2021. 

I know the deadline was 12/15/2020, but I just could not apply then due to not knowing for sure if I would be really up for. By the time I made the decision I wanted to pursue the study at UCLA, the deadline has passed. I assumed there would be a priority deadline and after that would be rolling applications. But when I checked the UCLA website, it doesn't say anything about the rolling application, it only states the deadline of 12/15/2020 for Fall 2021 admissions.

Either way, I really want to get into UCLA and wanted to try all that I could, so I have applied. 


- Does UCLA still consider applications that was submitted after the deadline for reviews?

- If not, does my application automatically goes to 2022-2023 admission pool? Since I have applied after the deadline? 

- If you have any other types of advices you could give me regarding this issue (Application submitted after the deadline)?

Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Jan 29, 21 10:16 pm
Non Sequitur

Deadlines exist for a reason.  Sorry, but it's a tough field and there are many more applicants than there are spots... and I doubt the schools have the time to leave open spots "just in case" someone else makes up their mind later on... and 6 weeks after the deadline is a ridiculous delay. 

Better luck next year, just schedule ahead of time.  It's likely you'll need to apply again anyways. 

Jan 29, 21 10:59 pm  · 
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Thank you for the comment.

Yet, would you (and/or people here in archinect) know about UCLA in particular? If UCLA accepts applications after deadline for reviews?

Jan 29, 21 11:20 pm  · 

You seem to be in a panic with this, OP. Frankly, the best possible answer for this is to e-mail UCLA's admissions. You could also try reaching out to UCLA students through this forum's page profile for each school. The majority of US schools only have ONE submission date/deadline, unlike institutions in other countries (schools like the AA and the Bartlett/UCL have a separate date of submissions for those who want to be considered for bursary/funding and a more later date for most regular applications) if you don't meet that deadline, even if you were still able to upload or send them your requirements, they have no reason to accommodate your application. There was a case/were cases in schools like Princeton where students who sent their physical portfolios late despite having sent their application online on time were forfeited or had their chances cut.

Feb 4, 21 9:06 am  · 

Thank you for your reply. Appreciate the help.

Feb 4, 21 3:07 pm  · 

Pink Jetto, how'd it go last year with the late submission?. Super curious.

Jan 10, 22 10:16 am  · 

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