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Hi all,

I have a degree in Architectural technology with a concentration in construction management and i was wondering what some of the higher paying jobs are that i could get with this degree.  Thank you!

Jan 27, 21 1:02 am


What skills did you learn in Arch technologies? 

Jan 27, 21 4:04 am  · 

I have a lot of construction knowledge and experience. I'm into realistic projects. I'm not into projects that just spend on the design and construction. I'm In NY and I've learned revit, autocad and rhino but I enjoy revit the most. I'm not into the artistic stuff


What sort of experience do you have? This seems like an odd question to ask if you have a lot of experience. 

The statement on construction is also odd. I get not wanting to be involved with projects that get stuck in design, but ... unless you do some sort of post occupancy work, design and construction are all you get? 


Depends where you are. Specialising in Construction Management is  the right place to be at if you're a Architectural Technologist. You will earn more money, won't have to put in all-nighters, will probably be paid overtime, probably participate in profit sharing, and get more respect than if you worked in a typical architects office. Stay there.

Jan 27, 21 10:56 am  · 

That's great feedback. So i should look into the large construction company's and apply for construction management?


My thought would be, go work for a GC, though you probably won't draw that much. You'll probably get lot more of what you want out of the construction side than the design side. 

Based on my observation, it's not a real big experience threshold and you'll probably learn a lot and move up quickly if you're good at it. If you're not good at it... you'll probably have a horrible time getting beat up on by people such as those on this forum haha. 

After you do that for a few years for experience... go work for a construction management company (not a contractor). 

Feb 4, 21 4:51 am  · 

You could also work for a production architect. If you are in NYC, there are alot of them. You could also work for a CM, I have met many architects

Feb 4, 21 9:30 am  · 
atelier nobody

Construction management generally pays better than architecture, often with less responsibility. Construction managers don't get to design anything, not even toilet partition details. I tried CM for a year and a half, then had to come back to architecture to save my sanity.

Feb 4, 21 2:29 pm  · 

The construction  is a very responsible and serious business. All employees in this field must be true professionals..

Feb 6, 21 3:24 am  · 

I think 'ought' would be more appropriate than 'must'.


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