non-arch students who applied to M.Arch programs


Hey, just thought I'd see how many of us are out there and how they navigated the application process. A quick little intro would be nice too; degree / School / year graduated and maybe what you included in your portfolio and essays. 

Jan 20, 21 12:26 pm

I'll get the ball rolling! 

Economics and Computer Science / McGill University (Canada) / 2021

Portfolio: I included 2 websites I designed, 1 media account I manage, 1 still life drawing, 2 sculptures, and 1 photography piece. 

The websites and media account are from professional experience, still life and photography are from hobbies, and the sculptures are from work I did in highschool. In defending my choice to include work from highschool I will preface by saying the pieces compliment my essays really well. 

For my essays I spoke about my work experience, what influenced my decision to go from computer science to architecture and my mothers battle with cancer over the last 8 years which is what the sculptures are in relation to. 

So yeah, I hope to hear from a few others too. Super interesting in what other people did. 

Jan 20, 21 12:39 pm  · 

Hi! I would have found this thread super helpful over the past year, so thanks for starting it!

Art History and Urban Studies / University of Toronto / 2018

Portfolio: I included 1-2 projects from a summer architecture studio program I attended after graduating, 1 short furniture design project from a continuing education course, 1 spatial analysis/neighborhood study from an urban studies course, 1 personal photography project (hobby), and 1 fun/personal sculptural exercise.

I used InDesign to create my portfolio, and tried to showcase a range of mediums in my projects (many rough process drawings, writing, photography, and making things out of household materials), as well as projects at varying scales (handheld to neighborhood). Looking back, I can see that most of my projects have a historical and urban design/planning focus, so curating a theme that relates to your interests and statement may be helpful.

In my personal statement, I mostly discussed my interest in architectural preservation, sustainability, and urban design, and how my educational background fits with architecture. Excited and nervous for results! 

Jan 20, 21 1:59 pm  · 

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