Should I put an average individual professional work for M.Arch application


I have been working for a couple of months now and made a schematic design of a summer house project that is yet to be presented to the client. I produced I all of the drawings by myself, including the visualizations. I am not sure if I should include it in my portfolio. It was greatly approved by the head architect but surely will not be the best design of the portfolio. The page limit is 50(Waterloo) so it is not a concern.

Anyone had a similar case or knows anything about universities' view on professional work on portfolios.

Jan 16, 21 2:11 pm
Non Sequitur

no harm in including it if you know you can show something other than just renderings. Waterloo does not care that you can render images, it cares that you can think and speak about your designs so if you have progress work and multiple options/solutions to an interesting project, then that will help the discussion. I trust they still perform interviews for their March applicants. 

With that said, it should not take space away from other quality work. 

Jan 16, 21 2:46 pm  · 
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