Penn's portfolio size limit problems


penn has a 10mb cap on portfolio size and a 20 page limit and good god, the resulting quality of the portfolio is just terrible. is everyone just giving their portfolios in like that? 

penn prefers a 5mb portfolio and thats worse.

Jan 11, 21 12:49 pm

I believe someone asked this in another thread and ended up contacting the admissions office. Can’t remember what exactly the outcome was, but I’d try to find it

Jan 11, 21 12:53 pm  · 

nvm disregard this


Oh wait I thought you were asking about page size. Nevermind, but it yeah I had the same problem for all my applications pretty much. I just submitted them as is.

Jan 11, 21 12:54 pm  · 

I'm not sure how on earth a 5mb portfolio is legible. 15 mb is still a decent size- the compression values can be adjusted and the quality is good enough. but 5?????? 5 is just bad.

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Someone suggested it here, but I ended up exporting the pages as medium quality pngs, and compiling them in Bluebeam. Looked as decent as an 8mb portfolio can get.

Jan 11, 21 2:11 pm  · 

It helps you cut down on the number of pages. They're not going to be looking at your details.

Jan 11, 21 6:29 pm  · 

Oops, I thought this thread was about penis portfolio size. My mistake.

Jan 11, 21 7:07 pm  · 

Hey, I found a work around that maintains a rather lossless resolution. I worked with Indesign- from there I export to PDF with 150dpi (you don't need any more), and maximum image quality. From that I got a 89.5mb multipage PDF file. 

PDF convert to JPG- This file I converted to single JPG images with the desired dpi. Started with 150 dpi. On Mac you can do this easily with automator.

Then convert JPG back to PDF and combine to single file. The result will be a much smaller file size and rather lossless. Again, on Mac you can do this simply with automator. Staying on 150dpi I got to 20.9mb (from 89.5). 

That's it!

Go back to PDF convert to JPG and try a lower dpi if you still need a smaller file size. 

Jan 12, 21 2:48 pm  · 

That's not bad at all. I used to apply to schools that have a 2mb or 5mb limit. They can't afford a bigger server 

Jan 12, 21 7:47 pm  · 

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