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Hi everyone,

I have updated my portfolio since my last review based on the suggestions, and I would love to get some feedback. Just to give a quick overview again, I am applying to a few M.Arch. programs in Canadian universities for this coming well.

Please follow this link to my updated portfolio:

Jan 10, 21 5:56 am

how many reviews would it take for you to get that image and text alignment are compositional considerations you should pay attention to?

Jan 10, 21 6:59 am  · 

Hi, would you mind please giving a little clarification? Thank you


How many years have you been studying? 4? And now you are applying for a Masters? Is that true? 

I would say, with this portfolio, go study something else. 

Jan 10, 21 7:20 am  · 
 ·  3

Wow, insanely low and bold of you to put down someone else and tell them to study something else...
Regardless of the quality of the work being presented and how it was presented, you're in no position to discourage and bring down someone who is merely asking for help. that's a decision for her, and only her to make. If you have no constructive comments to add on what she had requested, then it's best to leave it at that. 

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The truth needs to be said.


especially before spending money and wasting time.

Jan 10, 21 9:17 am  · 

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