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Hello! I am currently in the process of applying to UBC and UofT for their Masters of Architecture and Masters of Landscape Architecture programs this fall. As a bit of background, I am in my last year at the University of Waterloo's Urban Planning program. 

I'm looking for someone to review my submission portfolio for things like layout, content, etc. It can be viewed (note - I have omitted information for the project on the last page for privacy) 

Thank you! 

Jan 9, 21 1:15 pm

I think you have nice color pallete , and layout is quite cohesive. For page 3 there are a bunch of diagrams on the top left are a bit hard to read, i would get rid of move those to another page. p8/11 i think the green on the right is a bit overpower, i would try to match the green on the left which is more subtle in my opinion

Jan 9, 21 1:52 pm  · 

I've made the changes you suggested :) Thanks for your input

Non Sequitur

layout and organization is good, but there is little design. What else can you show other than large scale urban blocks?  

Jan 9, 21 1:58 pm  · 

I'll look into that thanks for your suggestion


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