UCL Bartlett MArch Application questions


Is anyone a Bartlett grad, or applying to UCL from overseas? I am in the US and wanted to apply to Bartlett because it peaked my interest, but the process is quite different from the US schools. 

Question 1: Is it worth it to get an MArch from a school overseas if I want to get it transferred to a US license? A couple MA programs at Bartlett also peaked my interest, would it be foolish to go for an MA without having an MArch degree?

Question 2: What are they looking for in the personal statement? For US schools, I made it quite personal and relevant to current events, would Bartlett care about that as much?

Question 3: I have obviously a lot of questions about the visa process, is that something I need to work on even before seeing if I am accepted?

Thanks all!

Jan 9, 21 11:56 am

Their strength is in drawing and they like students with special talents in drawing (but a really specific type). You'll know what I mean if you look it up

Jan 12, 21 8:05 pm  · 

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