Summer Opportunities for High School Student in Singapore


Hi, I am a Junior in High School from the US. I have an interest in architecture and I have taken a few architecture related courses. I have sketching and model building skills. I also have basic revit skills. I am exploring school/work options for this summer (mid-may- mid-august 2021). My Dad is in Singapore and I wanted to spend the summer there, also because he's pitched this idea quite a few times. I was wondering if anyone knew any architecture related summer programs or summer internships (doesn't matter if it's paid or not) for high school students in Singapore. I started doing some searches on google using keywords like: summer school, architecture, high school students, Singapore etc. Please let me know too if I'm looking up the wrong key words. Also my summer is around may-august. I would be very thankful if someone had resources or could just lend a helping hand in my research process.

Jan 8, 21 1:30 pm

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