MArch or MSc in the UK after 5 year B Arch from India??


I am a 2019 BArch graduate and I have a one year experience after the course. And I want to work as an Architect in the UK.

I've been told from a source that BArch degree in India will be eligible for a RIBA part 2 accreditation since it's already a 5 year course. But another source informed me that BArch in India even if it's a 5 year course will only give you a RIBA part 1 and that you need to learn a MArch RIBA part 2 course from UK to get a RIBA part 2 accreditation. 

Can anyone help me regarding this doubt? Whether I should do an MArch RIBA part 2 course for 2 years or can I just do a 1 year MSc course now since I am already qualified for my part 2 exams with my 5 year degree? Which is true??

Dec 23, 20 3:40 am

Idk what your source is, but, B.Arch in India does not give you anything in the UK. You can technically join a Part II course, but the catch is that you need to clear the Part I ARB exam before you finish your Part II masters. More information can be found at

The real question is - Do you want to work as a registered architect in the UK? if yes, then ARB exams are the only way to make up for not having a part I. 
If you want to work in an architectural office as a designer or architectural assistant that doesn't necessarily need you to be registered, then you can go for the one year MA/MSc courses. 

Don't take my word for this. I'm just sharing what I know. The ARB exams aren't cheap. Make sure it's worth the effort. Also, keep in mind your eligibility to work in the UK with an Indian Passport - why would someone hire a guy from India (who needs to be sponsored a work visa) when they can just hire any British/EU* citizen without any additional paperwork. 

Jan 14, 21 3:36 pm  · 

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