Is anyone applying to or know anything about Georgia Tech's M.Arch application? The supplemental materials portion of the application asks 2 essay questions, one of which being, "How have your experience and background prepared you for your studies at Georgia Tech?" Later on in the application, there is a personal statement requirement that asks the same question. 

I've reached out to advisors at the school but they are all on winter break...Can I just upload the same response for both or is there something I'm missing?

Anyone else applying to the program have any input on the situation?

Dec 21, 20 11:48 am

Why would you ever upload the same essay to two questions...

Just think hard and write something different its probably only 300 worlds that would take 20 minutes to write . There are applicants that have so many aspects of themselves that they want to show but can't fit into all the essay questions

Dec 24, 20 2:38 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

yes, you are missing something: about 50% of the minimum effort required. 

Dec 24, 20 8:05 am  · 
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I'm applying to GT right now too! Personally, I'm creating separate essays since the personal statement requires a lot more information.

If you'd still like to speak with advisors, Robin responded to me earlier today so it seems like she's available to answer questions.

Dec 30, 20 6:21 pm  · 
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GT M.Arch grad! 

Does Robin still work there? Ask her, she was super helpful when I was applying back in the day.

Dec 30, 20 8:33 pm  · 

Yay GT! I think Robin still works there - she helped me with the application process. Do you remember when you heard back from Tech about admissions decisions?

Feb 24, 21 8:38 pm  · 

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