[UK] MArch without a Year-Out Architectural Experience? Bartlett?


Hi again, I am an International Student studying in England. I will be graduating on June 2021 with a predicted First Class or, well, at least a Second-Upper.

So anyway, with the current situation, even if a vaccine was to be available by January (Earliest), the job situation does not seems to be picking up... Even if it does, the jobs will be swept clean by the job-seeking graduates from class of 2020 batch... Furthermore, I am an International Student, which makes it even more difficult, or nearly impossible to get the Year-Out Archi experience...

So... Has anyone tried applying to a MArch course without the year-out experience? This is so nerve-wrecking... As the last thing I want is to be in Limbo after graduation, not having a job nor a MArch slot! 

I really hope good schools will consider application without Year-Out experience. Does Bartlett even consider that? Since they are one of the best...


Nov 29, 20 6:03 am

Have a look at your previous post. 

Nov 30, 20 1:47 pm  · 

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