should I start my masters right after finishing my barchelor?


I have been spinning my head around the decision of starting my masters next fall of 2021, since I would be done in june 2021 with my thesis, but the fact that everything is so unsure with the pandemic has had me thinking if I should wait one year and work during that time, and then apply for my masters. 

I was going to apply to TU Delt, AA, ETH, and M-ARCH-T from TU berlin

Nov 24, 20 12:33 pm

Usually they it's a good practice to work for few years.. As you learns lot in that process and then do a masters. But I guess in the current situation of pandemic.. Masters could be a good option as well. Hopefully things would be better after 

Nov 24, 20 3:42 pm  · 
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try getting your hands dirty to figure out what your direction might be during your master’s, if no interesting jobs are on the horizon you can always go right back to study.

Nov 25, 20 2:01 am  · 
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work for a few years then go back during a crisis

Nov 25, 20 3:29 am  · 
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Took 5 years off between mine and sooooo glad I did.  Didn't step foot inside an architecture firm during those 5 years either.

Nov 25, 20 5:56 am  · 
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I'm curious, what did you did during those 5 years?


Did some carpentry, moved to a few different countries for unrelated work, and did a fair bit of travelling.

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Take time off a year is not too long gives you time to take admissions test and to build a good portfolio and team of references. Having plenty of time to research and prepare for the graduate admissions process will make it more likely that you will find the right fit for the next phase of your education.  

In the gap year, I wold try to find work, jobs are out there, learn software at a local community collage and take steps to get into shape physically and mentally. If you build healthy habits and keep to them for 8-10 months those habits are more likely to stick when you go back to school.

I also recommend the book "Design Juries on Trial" by Anthony to help undo the bad habits you might have learned in your undergraduate studies so you can have a clean slate and a good chance at reasonable work life balance while in school.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 25, 20 10:58 am  · 
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I wish I took more time off between bachelors and masters.
TBH masters just felt like undergrad x2.

especially where I went they had "vertical studios" mixing undergrads with master students.  Basically they had a much stronger undergrad program than master program.  

My classmates who had a few years of working experience were better able to take advantage of what the master program had to offer.  They  also were more often selected for graduate teaching assistant positions, to help pay for school.  And better able to to take advantage of networking opportunities.

I wish I had gotten a job as a carpenter or something in between, to gain more experience and confidence talking to trades people.

Then also you can figure out what you want to get out of your masters program.  More building science or more Design theory.  To better round yourself out

Nov 25, 20 11:15 am  · 
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"I wish I had gotten a job as a carpenter or something in between, to gain more experience and confidence talking to trades people."

Me too, but dad, a bricklayer at the time, wouldn't let me,"You don't want to work outside when it's -50C! Get an office job"

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If you're in the mood for get more education, I would go for it.

Once you start working, you may lose interest in formal education, get hooked on money, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, get married, have kids....that will be a whole 'nother type of "education" but not the type you're looking for right now.

So, if you're up to it, go for some more schooling.

Btw, don't let the stupid pandemic get in way of your life.

How long are the Masters programmes at those schools?

Nov 25, 20 11:25 am  · 
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I agree, but this is a huge decision, if you are unsure don't rush it is costly and consumes more time if you don't get it right.

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