Spain: UPC postgraduate Urban Design, IAAC City & Technology or UIC City Resilience Design & Management?


I'm considering doing a master in Spain next year. My aim is to work in urban design, planning, research, consultancy or policy making, so I would like to do a broad program that deals with design as well as political/societal issues and technological innovation.

IAAC seems to suit this the best, plus it involves data science which I'm experienced in, but the school doesn't appear in any rankings and might be too artsy and starchitect focused to my taste. I would like to work on real life projects and not purely hypothetical ones (which is what I associate starchitecture with, but that's a different discussion).

UPC is probably the most reputable uni of the three, but the program seems very focused on design and not interdisciplinary.
UIC is not a well known or highly ranked university, although the program looks interesting and includes and internship.

Does anyone have experiences with one of those programs?

Nov 15, 20 11:00 am

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