[UK] Applying to Bartlett (Part 2) Straight Out of Bachelor's Degree (Part 1) w/o Work-Experience


First and foremost, I am an International Student currently studying in England. I am on a 3-years, BA (Hons) Architecture course (2018-2021).

I realised with the current situation, the chances of me landing a proper Part 1 year-out architectural assistant job is close to impossible (doesn't help that I am international student). I am a relatively good student with relatively good grades (Portfolio on the way!).

So, to get into the Master's September 2021 Intake, straight after I graduate from my Bachelor's on June 2021, I have to apply now, using my first 2-years of Bachelor's results only. UCL - Bartlett confirmed this is possible. I have also gotten 2 Referees too. Portfolio is still under construction.

So as a gauge, here's my results:

Year 1:

Year 2:

I know I am at an utmost losing end here, considering I am applying with only first 2-years of results, furthermore, NO YEAR-OUT experience. But I would like to hear from anyone from UK that does or had done admission to see if I have the slightest chance? I had done all my work, checked with all relevant department, guess I am here fishing for affirmation? #AnxietyStricken

Thank you...

Nov 11, 20 11:49 am

Hi @izumiakihiko - it appears that you are at Portsmouth U. 

Your marks are good so work to get a 1st to improve your chances. 

Consider 'other' non-paid activities to support your application - volunteering is a great option.  Most students will be the same without year out experience.

But to be honest, UCL is very competitive so please don't put all your eggs in one basket.  Unis do form biases from past students performance from your university to judge how well the student may transition to their programme.  

Do only focus on Russell group uni for 2021 entry - top on my list is Queens University Belfast and Edinburgh.  

Nov 12, 20 6:26 am  · 

Thank you Ted. Yes I do know UCL is very competitive, furthermore, I am applying without Year-Out Experience and with only my first 2-years of transcripts... Literally applying with not much hope of getting in to be very honest... Every year there's at least 2~3 graduates from my uni getting into UCL Bartlett... One more "prominent" graduate is Nathan Fairbrother from Unit10. I am indeed considering other Unis too... As I can see you are an experienced UK Archi-Education user, do you think with my transcripts and  a soon-to-be Mid-Tier Portfolio (let's bit pessimistic here haha), the chances of me getting into UCL or even other Unis? So I am guessing there will be a surge of applicant for this year due to pandemic and not many students will be getting their year out experience? Oh no, I am definitely on a VERY losing end... hahaha. I know my current uni doesn't rank high at all

Nov 12, 20 6:50 am  · 
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Hi izumiakihiko - Might be good to contact Fairbrother for a chat or perhaps reference for application. A known UCL graduate recommendation(or a current tutor who graduated from UCL) will help your application. I did attend Bartlett but so much has changed in the time of COVID and a new dean and many new programmes so difficult to say. Generally, new international student numbers are down this year (probably 2021 also) and Unis like a mix of UK/International so to build a global perspective of the cohort (boring if the class is only UK students). A good transcript will get you to the next step-portfolio+statement. But critical drawing as a narrative is so important to Bartlett agenda - Unit 10 and CJ Lim is very much about this. Have a look at student works - you might identify 3 units/tutors in your statement identifying where your work aligns with similar agendas. Perhaps for your current year work you do one/two strong drawings that pursue the same and include as part of your portfolio. A great portfolio with good grades(in that order) will get you an interview - CJ has done interviews in the past.

Nov 12, 20 8:04 am  · 
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Thank you Ted. That's really insightful. But right now I am losing even more hope (lol), because I submitted the application (few days back) with an extremely generic description... I did not know that statement we put into the application itself have to contain/identify the Units/Tutors!! I literally did not write anything that states any tutors or units... It's all about my life (omg lol), and how I travel / fall in love with architecture (it's so cringey)... Also, I just went to check the application, both my referees (one is my lecturer form uni, and the other is a US company's principal from my last summer internship) submitted their references... So there's no way I can do any changes to it anymore :( To add-on, I realised I made so many grammatical / spelling errors on it because I copied the wrong word file into the application! A disaster of an application... :( Oh well, what I can do is see if the application will even move on to the Portfolio / Interview stage I guess...?

Nov 12, 20 8:22 am  · 
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