MArch I portfolio Slideroom vs Full Portfolio


Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on parts of my portfolio for my MArch I applications due this winter. From the multiple application processes I've been doing it seems that some schools do their portfolio submissions in two different ways. The largest distinction seems to be how they want your portfolio to be submitted. Some want a full, multi-page pdf, while others want individual images uploaded through slide room. To anyone who has applied to MArch I programs before, were your portfolios using slideroom the same as your regular full portfolios? I'm wondering if a application that uses slideroom wants just the images from my portfolio instead of separated pages of my portfolio. I'm also interested in wether or not I should include process images and models for my slideroom portfolios, or if they are just interested in the final renderings/images. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Nov 10, 20 2:48 pm

When in doubt, always email them. Before when people asked it was always the full spread.

Nov 10, 20 6:04 pm  · 
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