Socially Responsive Architecture - B.Arch Thesis


I am a final year thesis student of B.Arch in Pakistan. I wanted my Thesis Project to be based on socially responsive architecture. But my research keeps on dragging me towards either housing or transportational projects, both of which are being already done.

I needed ideas regarding thesis topics in this domain. Will be very much appreciated. Thankyou

Nov 5, 20 10:49 am

Thesis projects don't always have to be something no one has ever done before. Sometimes a great thesis project is just a well thought-out really great design with extremely good reasoning.

Nov 5, 20 1:56 pm  · 
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thankyou for responding. its not that im looking for something that no one has ever done before. its just that the thesis topic has already been chosen in my batch and students are working on it . so its discouraged not to repeat a topic.


Sounds like you need to come up with a new thesis topic then.

Non Sequitur

try doing better research.

Nov 5, 20 2:00 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

You might look at the pros and cons of co-housing developments. 

Nov 5, 20 2:12 pm  · 

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