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Hi! I'm a recent architecture graduate (couple months ago) with no prior experience and with the current economic climate, it is getting increasingly difficult to get one. The plan was always to do a year of technical experience then go back to university to do my Masters, something I will not do without the technical experience because the universities that I want to go to require them (and I won't just do my part II anywhere just for the sake of doing it).

Anyway, that's not what this is about. The thing is, I have not broken into the field yet, but I also have a lifelong dream of moving and living in Japan/Korea as well, and the quickest way to do this is through teaching as a TEFL (English teacher) -- something that is extremely tempting with how everything is here in the UK at the moment. I think doing it after Masters would be a bigger risk and would make it harder for me to get back into architecture, but this also means that I might not even get the experience I need to even do Masters since employers (that I would need to get employed first) might view the fact that I've got no prior experience and I graduated more than 2 years ago (potentially up to 3).

By living there, I could also potentially learn the language and immerse myself in the culture which I think would be a good asset in the future but I'm not sure if employers would see it that way.

I'm currently earning money working a graduate job completely unrelated to architecture to potentially fund my moving there if I decide to do it. Moving to Japan with the visa TEFL provides would mean that I technically can't do work in Architecture and I'm planning to be gone for about a good 2 years at least.  

Would this be advisable though? Would this close the doors into the field for me? What do architects/employers think about this? 

Nov 3, 20 10:45 pm

Hi! I have almost the same issue as you. I´m from Argentina, (sorry if my English is bad) and with the current pandemic situation everything is sooo hard. I graduated one year ago, two weeks before the whole country closed everything actually so I was lucky in a way. But since then I haven't been able to work in any studio or construction place related. And let me tell you i'm getting really worried because I have sent my CV to sooooo many places and none have answered my e-mails... So from what you said I also want to try moving to South Korea, in my case. I've been studying korean although I'm not that good now. I am looking for masters to do there, but I am quite lost. So if you have any info it would be greatly appreciated. 

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If you shorten your soooo, you have a better english 

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Not really sure how to take this kind of comments. So if you have nothing to say related to my question then just be quiet ;)

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you will have difficulty finding a job in an architecture office with only an undergrad degree and 2+ years out of the game as a language teacher. I wouldn't want to try it.

If you very intentionally self-taught yourself architectural design and graphics skills while you taught english, you could develop your best possible portfolio and apply to masters programs. after graduating with a masters you could find a job in an office.

I would encourage you to avail yourself of any educational programs related to art, design, and architecture while in japan. they can provide some fuel for your portfolio.

after receiving your masters, you would be an excellent candidate for japanese architecture offices if you know the language and have spent time there.

Apr 8, 21 10:31 pm  · 

Everything is relevant and everything can be drawn back to Design / Architecture.  Just need to look for the threads that tie whatever you choose to do back to Architecture / Design.... you define what the ties are / could be.

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