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Hello ,
I am Eswar from India. I am writing to you to seek advice on some of the doubts and confusion I have regarding Masters in UK and RIBA registration and working as an architect in the UK.

I am a registered architect here and I have completed my Bachelor of Architecture ( 5 Year Course). I have done an internship for 1 year during my bachelor's and I have a year of work experience post my bachelor's in India. In my Bachelor's degree.

I am interested in Doing my Masters (M.Arch) Riba part 2 in the UK and which universities would you recommend considering my grades and a good portfolio? Also, how are the possibilities of getting a job in the UK and subsequently becoming a registered architect there? And what advice would you give to be successful in this?

I am very concerned because the Fees are very high for international students in the UK and I won't be able to replay my student loans if I have to go back to India after I complete my masters as architects are too much underpaid there.

Sorry for such a long message. Hope I receive a reply from you. Thank you so much for you time.

Oct 26, 20 2:10 am

It doesn't matter where you are from. UK is coming up with 2 year post work visa. It will help you in securing a job, but Europe has lots of architects. You need to define what you want to work on and be very good in it. Then you have chances to secure a job from a citizen. There are lots of choices you have. Go to DRL --> ZAHA opportunity. Bartlett --> Heatherwick. Computation design in Emtech or bartlett. Landscape etc. I would recommend working for few years , figuring out your interests, get to know things, then do masters. else you will keep on swinging. 

Nov 6, 20 12:22 pm  · 
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Thank you so much for that. I am interested in computation and generative design is there any universities other than Bartlett or Emtech that you would recommend for this choice of mine?


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