Anyone attended Meiji University's I-AUD programme in Tokyo? (International Architecture and Urban Design programme)


I'm applying for their masters course - got no issue with application. Just curious to see if anyone here is/has/knows anyone a part of this course because I could barely find any anecdotal info online.

If you do, how is the programme overall? Is it an enriching interdisciplinary experience, as advertised? And have you learnt a lot about Japanese architecture first hand? 

The professors involved definitely seem to be highly qualified and have a great command for English, so I am not so skeptical about the quality of instruction. I am more curious as to what I could take home as a student 'architecturally-speaking' and how the skills I gain would help me in the workforce in Japan/rest of Asia (except for ability to speak Japanese of course - that's something I'll be working on my own).

Oct 25, 20 11:23 am

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