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Hello all!

I am applying for architecture master courses in Europe and UK. my first choice is England (in order: ucl, aa, westminster, kent and oxford brookes)

And my second choice is Nordic countries such as NTNU, KADK, Aarhus...etc.

Well, my cgpa is 2,96/4. I know this is not a very high grade but i want to try my luck. I am in love with architecture and very enthusiastic about it. So, do you think i have a chance for this schools?

By the way,

this is my portfolio, i made this a few months ago. not for applications. So i will develop this of course. I need your valuable feedbacks. 



Oct 24, 20 2:57 pm

As long as you meet entrance requirements, portfolio usually has greater weight than GPA to being accepted. If you convey your enthusiasm somehow, that'll be a plus too.

Some small feedback: I'd remove the skills rating, it feels like "This person knows useful skills!" to "Why are they incompetent in Revit?". Your first project needs more spacing for your images, but overall portfolio just needs some touching up and could be fine enough. Cheers and good luck!

Oct 24, 20 3:13 pm  · 

Thank you for your nice thoughts :) i will reconsider my portfolio and work on it more. I have a question if you dont mind, should i remove the cv page for master applications or is it okay? 

Oct 24, 20 3:20 pm  · 

Hm, can keep it but move it to page 3 so it's beside your contact info. Check each university's requirements for portfolio submission too, often there are page limits or explicitly specific instructions 

Also you may wish to remove that contact info when posting online, your privacy and all...

Oct 24, 20 3:51 pm  · 

actually i checked universities' requirements but still not sure a resume/cv page is necessary in the portfolio or not... thank you again!

Oct 24, 20 3:55 pm  · 
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Hey there, quickly looked through. Nice work, you should be proud of what you've accomplished. 

Here's my two cents, you can take it or leave it. What universities are you applying to? I would recommend looking at the graphics that their students produce and updating yours to not necessarily match, but be more "academic". Your current graphics are a bit mundane/dated and universities lean toward a more "starchitect" graphic style. The design work is what it is, but if you bring the graphics up to a high level it can take you very far. 

Best of luck!

Oct 24, 20 4:37 pm  · 

Hello! First, thank you for your kind opinions, i am very happy to hear them:) there is lots of schools i want to apply because i really want to have a master in a prestigious school and i dont want miss any opportunity. But here is a few schools on my mind:

- AA


-University of Westminster

-Newcastle University

-TU Delft

-Royal Danish Academy (kadk)


Second, yes i know i need to develop my graphic and diagram styles... I will work on them and i will consider your ideas.

Thank you!

Oct 24, 20 4:47 pm  · 

This is an official Bartlett instragram account  : bartlettarchucl
You need to do a lot of homework if you are aiming at these top European schools. It's not hard to find example of good folios of the people who got into those schools .. just to compare.


Oct 25, 20 1:59 am  · 

Yes i know, it is hard to study in these top schools and there are tons of portfolios on web however most of them garbage...thank you i will look at this account

Oct 25, 20 5:58 am  · 

Overall, nice portfolio with a lot of details and thought & processes. 

1. I think text sizes are too varies.

2.Too crowded layout. For Example, page 13 - You can just spread them out into 2 sheets if you feel like you want to convey so much information. Give it some breathing rooms.

3.Exterior renders are distracted with cloudy and high saturated sky and grass, it take away your focus on your designed buildings. For example page 35,  I can hardly see your building with all the color of water, grass, cloud. 

General Comment: be selective what you want to show, show how you come up with your forms, structures, initial conceptual models or sketches, rather than just focusing on energy efficiency of the building. 

Good work and you should be proud, I am sure you will make it. Hope that helps.

Oct 28, 20 1:25 pm  · 

Thank you for your nice and kind comments, you brightened my mind and i will take into account all!

Oct 29, 20 7:34 am  · 

I stopped reading after the pretentious FLW-quote...

Oct 28, 20 6:18 pm  · 
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Your text on the leaders for the detail sections look very small.

Remove the skill level indicators - as these backed up by program specific certification, ergo a Autodesk AutoCAD training program? If so then put it in, if not, remove the level indicators.

I like the layout. However, be careful with how much you put on each spread, some pages look a bit busy - 13 and 23.

Oct 30, 20 11:34 am  · 


Nov 1, 20 2:39 pm  · 

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