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Hello everyone,

I just started my Masters of Architecture And have a few questions about what we are doing to better understand how it relates to real world. Right now we are taking basic shapes in rhino and unfolding them and putting them in a cad layout. An example of this is attached. I'm just struggling to understand the purpose these exercises and purpose they serve. I see them all the time and there fun to create.

Oct 23, 20 11:36 pm
Non Sequitur

it helps train your creative problem solving skills.

Oct 23, 20 11:48 pm  · 
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If that shape was going to built in real life, showing the faces of the object would help a builder calculate how much material would be needed to cover the outside faces.   If a simple one room building was used for the exercise, it would probably make more sense to you and your classmates, but that's not how architecture is taught in the USA!

In the short term, the exercise shows you how to make a CAD file you can use to laser cut your models.

Oct 24, 20 10:21 am  · 
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It's a combination of learning how to play in the digital world of 2D and 3D, learning architectural conventions, learning to use the software, and getting your mind into "architectural" and spatial thinking. 

Part of the goal of first year is to break and rebuild your way of seeing the world. Try not to get hung of on the pragmatics, but be critical.

Just soak it in and have fun.

Oct 24, 20 11:23 am  · 
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I am definitly enjoying it. and thank you for the feed back. This helps alot.

Oct 24, 20 3:54 pm  · 

it looks pretty interesting. Would love to see the complete models of that. Have fun!

Oct 24, 20 1:58 pm  · 

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