Using Blender for architectural design

Hi All,

I am an architect currently working at HOK, and I've been using Blender professionally on an almost daily basis for quite a while now - it's been absolutely essential to help express my ideas and I think it's an important asset to any designer's skills. I've started a series on youtube to help absolute beginners get familiar with Blender fast. Here is the first video

Oct 23, 20 11:50 am

Congrats on your courses. I would love to learn blender. Can you script within blender or anything similar to grasshopper? 

Oct 24, 20 11:15 pm  · 
Dank Gehry

why use blender when you can use 3dsmax or maya?

Oct 25, 20 1:54 am  · 

It's open source

I have not played with this yet but I did see there is now a blenderbim plugin. Anyone toyed with this yet?
Oct 25, 20 3:10 pm  · 

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