Waterloo Architecture. Are my marks good enough?


Hi everyone, 

I plan on applying to waterloo and Ryerson architecture. I am not too worried about my marks for Ryerson as they look at any of your top 6 (even if the required courses do not make it) but I am worried about waterloo. I know both universities have great programs but waterloo is my first choice as I live close to Ryerson and would like to not live at home for university.

So my grade 11 marks are...

Functions: 88, ComputerScience: 88, Chemistry: 81, Art: 100, TechDesign: 95, English: 90, Physics: 75

and so far my grade 12 marks are...

Advanced Functions: 94 , English : 92 (midterm), Art: 99 (midterm) 

and im assuming the rest of my grade 12 marks will be around.....

TechDesign: 95 , Physics : 80-85 , Calculus : 93 

The only thing i am worried about is that I do not have physics until the last quad (due to covid there are 4 semesters instead of 2) which means they will look at my grade 11 physics mark which is not good. 

Do you think I still have a chance at the interview? 

I have been working on my portfolio but that will be no use if I don't even get an interview. 

Also if anyone has any interview and precis tips just in case, that would also be greatly appreciated. (for both Ryerson and waterloo)

Thanks everyone. 

Oct 22, 20 6:42 pm
Non Sequitur

your grades are fine to make the cut for interview at Loo but that physics grade will hinder you. Also important is that they have a chart for almost all high schools and will adjust, sometimes by 15-20%.  Important too that physics is a big part of the tech courses at Loo. 

So, you may get the call for interview but you’ll have to show stellar portfolio and convince them that you can handle the physics of the undergrad program. 

Oct 22, 20 8:18 pm  · 

Thank you for your response. If you applied to either Ryerson or waterloo, is it possible for me to send you my portfolio (what i have so far) for feed back?

Oct 28, 20 10:13 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I have no specific knowledge of RYU's requirements but I did take part in several dozen entrance interviews while at Loo. Feel free to send me a pm with your in-progress folio and I'll try and find time to give an honest critique.

Oct 28, 20 10:54 pm  · 

did you get accepted?

Dec 30, 21 7:37 pm  · 

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