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Does anyone know a good way to access detail magazine online without its expensive subscription.

Issuu has few pages though. Any other resources guys?

Oct 18, 20 3:28 am

the good old offline library at my university had them all and you couldn’t borrow them and had to read them there. Maybe you can access the online magazine when using a terminal at the library, or use your student account to get access...

Oct 18, 20 3:56 pm  · 
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Worked at the arch library in college, GT wanted to cut detail among others because someone up at the main library just went down our subscriptions and cut the most expensive ones.  The professors revolted, and at least while I was there, detail was continued.  Last I heard we don't even have an arch library at GT anymore... got remodeled for more pinup space.

Oct 22, 20 3:40 pm  · 

Very odd. I thought NAAB required an on-site library for accreditation. Not surprised if they are more lax on that. University libraries have been shrinking book stacks and adding more seating/study spaces. Better to move that stuff to the main library and open up space in the Arch buildings.


I remember asking for a subscription as a Christmas present years ago. It's a beautifully put together publication.

I remember having a professor from Germany and every time I copied some refined detail I found in the magazine, it was immediately met with " can't do that here"

Oct 23, 20 8:52 pm  · 

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